Apr 02,2024

Taikai Transformer Obtained the Qualified Supplier Certificate of CNNC

Recently, Shandong Taikai Transformer has been certified as a qualified transformer supplier by CNNC, and successfully obtained the certificate of "Qualified Supplier of CNNC". That is, Shandong Taikai Transformer is qualified to provide the design, manufacture, and service of oil-immersed power transformers of 1000kV and below to CNNC and its subordinates.

Nov 20,2023

Transformer oil leakage problems and solutions

Mainly due to poor welding quality, there are defects such as virtual welding, de-soldering, pinholes and blisters in the welding seam, the power transformer is covered with flux and paint when it leaves the factory, and hidden dangers are exposed after operation.

Oct 19,2023

Advantages and disadvantages of dry-type transformers

Dry-type transformers are widely used in local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, terminal CNC machinery and equipment, etc. Simply speaking, dry-type transformers refer to transformers whose iron cores and windings are not immersed in insulating oil.

Aug 17,2023

How to replenish oil for oil-immersed transformer oil leakage?

Transformer oil is a flowing liquid, which can fill the air gap between the components in the oil tank, remove the air, and prevent the insulation strength from being reduced due to the damping of the components. The dielectric strength of transformer oil itself is greater than that of air, so after the oil tank is filled with oil, the dielectric strength of the transformer can be improved.

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