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Longtan South Road,Hi-Tech Zone,Tai'an City, Shandong Province, China

Company Profile


Established in 1965, Taikai Group located in Shandong province of east

China and is one of the largest privately owned power transmission and

distribution equipment manufacturing enterprises in China and the world.

The annual revenue of Taikai Group in 2023 is over USD 3.5 billion.

Until now, Taikai has 40 subsidiaries and over 13,700 employees in total.


Established in 2004, Shandong Taikai Transformer Company Ltd is a wholly-

owned subsidiary of Taikai Group. In 2023, Shandong Taikai Transformer

achieved a sales revenue of USD 690 million .

Taikai Transformer specializes in design and manufacturing oil-immersed

transformers, dry-type transformer, special transformers, and reactors from

35kV to 1000kV. It covers an area of 233,100㎡ (2,509,067 ft2), including 83,600 ㎡ of production area.

Now, Taikai Transformer Company owns over 1700 employees, including 

  • 170+ transformer experts and engineers
  • 800+ production supervisors and licensed technicians

Taikai Transformer is leading in the domestic power transformer industry and holds an esteemed position within the transformer branch of the China Electrical Apparatus

Industry Association. Its products can meet the IEC, IEEE, and CSA standards, and are certified by STL member laboratories,such as CESI, KEMA, and ASTA per IEC

standards. Those exported to LADWP in the United States comply with IEEE standards and successfully pass rigorous testing conducted in Taikai's CNAS-certified laboratory.

Taikai Transformer possesses a team of highly skilled management professionals, and top-tier experts dedicated to product design and manufacturing. The formidable team ensures the continuous enhancement of the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of Taikai Transformer. It boasts 110 nationally authorized patents, including 4

invention patents and 106 utility model patents.

Taikai Transformer has ranked Top 5 in domestic markert,and has developed a stable and large domestic market. The main domestic clients include China State Grid,

China Southern Power Grid and China Huaneng etc. Meanwhile,  Taikai Transformer has exported its products to over 50 countries and regions such as U.S., Russia, Canada, Serbia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Turkey ,Chile, Argentina and Zambia etc. To date, there are over 33,000 units of TAIKAI's transformers are in safe operation across the world.