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Taikai Transformer Obtained the Qualified Supplier Certificate of CNNC

Apr 02,2024

Recently, Shandong Taikai Transformer has been certified as a qualified transformer supplier by CNNC, and successfully obtained the certificate of "Qualified Supplier of CNNC". That isShandong Taikai Transformer is qualified to provide the design, manufacture, and service of oil-immersed power transformers of 1000kV and below to CNNC and its subordinates.

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) is mainly engaged in research and development, construction, production, and operation in the fields of nuclear power, nuclear fuel cycle, nuclear applications, environmental protection, and nuclear engineering, as well as international cooperation, imports and exports.

CNNC is an important state-owned enterprise approved by the State Council and directly managed by the Central Government, which shoulders the dual historical mission of national defense construction and national economic and social development. CNNC is the pioneer of nuclear science and technology in China and is known for its "China's first successful atomic bomb", "China's first successful hydrogen bomb", "China's first successful launch of a nuclear submarine" and so on. China's first nuclear submarine was successfully launched" and many other new China's first.

From December 7 to 9, 2023, CNNC Xinyuan Certification Center conducted a 3-day on-site evaluation for Taikai Transformer, which was conducted by a group of four senior assessors, led by Mr. Xu Zhen, in strict accordance with the "Qualified Supplier Requirements of China National Nuclear Corporation", "Qualified Supplier Determination Rules of China National Nuclear Corporation", as well as other applicable laws, regulations/standards and other requirements.

Through on-site communication, inspection of relevant documents and materials, and on-site evaluation of workshops, they have conducted a detailed review of the whole process from technology research and development, manufacturing, inspection and testing to business fulfillment, etc. The expert group unanimously agreed that with a safe and reliable R&D process, superior product performance, and a perfect service system, Taikai's nuclear products are capable of meeting the relevant requirements of producing nuclear power products.

The certificate indicates the affirmation of the Taikai Transformer from CNNC, marking that the Taikai transformer and relevant services have met the relevant requirements of the nuclear industry, which laid a solid foundation for the future extension of the Taikai Transformer to the nuclear power field. Now Taikai Transformer will continue to adhere to innovation-driven development, strengthen the cooperation with CNNC, and contribute to developing the national nuclear power industry.